How does soda increase the member

Penis enlargement and soda is the most modern method permits the sensitive male problems. Surgical intervention safely ensures that the sex organ will be more, but not every man is willing to go under the knife, yes, and not all of them want to, have the funds to do it. The use of soda significantly more affordable, and therefore more popular. It is there from her outcome — the question is ambiguous. Many representatives of the stronger sex, used this method of enlargement of the sexual organ for themselves, were satisfied. But there are those who find this method ineffective and dangerous, and even risky.

Some of the popular ways to increase a member

penis enlargement and soda

To date, there are many ways to increase your member: the surgical operation, the intake of biologically active supplements, the use of special creams, vacuum pumps as well as weighting, which is able to damage human health. In addition, for penis enlargement is recommended to massage, yes, and folk medicine does not remain aside.

One of the popular methods of penis enlargement, which is successfully used since ancient times, is the use of baking soda. This method can be easily combined with other methods, for example with massage. Another advantage to using baking soda is its relative safety, unlike many of the creams that have questionable ingredients. After surgery there is a risk that the man is not able to function properly in the sexual sense. Weights are dangerous because they can harm the sexual organ.

Areas of use soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate is a white powder. It has a large number of useful properties, which find application in the kitchen, cleaning service, as well as the treatment of many diseases. Soda is used to treat thrush in women, but for men other use of this product.

Before to learn, how to enlarge penis using soda, it is worth it to decide, and whether you need it. Scientists long ago demonstrated that for the sexual satisfaction of women to a big sex organ is not needed — here is an important technique. But if a man ventured to take so radical measures, it is better to start from the obtained simple, the most affordable and relatively natural methods, like the use of baking soda.

How to properly use baking soda for penis enlargement

With the help of soda, which virtually exists at all in the house, it is possible to do trays on the penis. They will promote flexibility of the penis. To bath need one teaspoon of soda to one cup of warm water. Taking a bath should be no less than 15 minutes. This procedure is recommended to do for an hour before sexual intercourse. Many men in their reviews talking about the result after using this method is weak. But almost all stated that, although it was not observed enlargement of the penis, then his strength increased quite significantly.

You can also use baking soda as a scrub. To do this you need to first moisten the penis, and then careful movements they rub soda over the entire length. As a result, these manipulations, the blood begins to actively enter into the sexual organ. But it should be borne in mind that even the negative side of this method. Soda can cause irritation and a burning sensation of the penis. Apply it it is necessary very carefully. Despite the fact that the particles hydrogenuhličitana sodium are very small, they can injure the very delicate and sensitive skin of the penis, which causes painful feelings. Scrub with baking soda strengthens the erection and, although slightly, but it really increases the sexual organ. For the determination of the result are advised to use baking soda with the milk, it allows you to strengthen and overall health.

Not so popular, but also an effective way to use baking soda for penis enlargement is the application of wraps. Sodas are spread on a clean cloth (it can be a bandage, folded in several layers), soaked a bit and put on the body. Leave this compress can be 15-20 minutes, but no more.

Don't get soda on the head of the penis to not harm her!

In about two months using baking soda penis supplied at the rate of about one centimeter, and in some cases even more. Everything depends on the organism and figure of men.

Do not forget that the use of baking soda can trigger allergies. After the procedure it is necessary to rinse the penis with warm water without soap.

Contraindications to the use of soda

No significant contraindications have virtually no, but a preventive measure to forget not. Do not forget to check the shelf life of this product, observe the specified dosage, massage and peeling do only clean hands. These simple steps will protect you from the adverse effects.

It's not worth the upset, if after the first use of soda no effect. For it to be noticeable a result, soda is a need to regularly use for a period of two and four months. It is hard work that requires tremendous dedication and self-discipline.

The increase in food and soda may not suit those men who have individual intolerance of hydrogenuhličitana sodium. Therefore, if you have any discomfort or abnormal reaction due to the use of soda, it is better to choose another method of penis enlargement. Otherwise, you can not only improve the appearance of the penis, but also get health problems.

Penis enlargement using baking soda in the home


The question of how to increase the member of the food baking soda for a long time excites the men, who have problems with sexual life due to small penis size. For obtaining the desired effect, of course, you can use the services of a physician, but by far not everyone the man has the money and desire. This is the reason why many prefer the use of soda — and it not only does not cause severe pain, but it is worth a penny.

And here claim, that the increase of the penis food and soda, it is really possible, it's not worth it, because the reviews are mixed. One category of men after the use of soda claimed that the penis really changed in the amount, and here is another category insisted that the effect of the soda to zero.

In any case, before worrying about how to enlarge penis using baking soda you need to seek the advice of a doctor.

The benefits of using baking soda

When the men encountered problems with the size of the penis, they start looking for solutions and stumbled upon a soda, immediately wondering how to enlarge penis, using soda — this is absolutely wrong. Before the enjoy by any means, it is necessary to examine how it affects the human body, if it is not possible to do, it can only aggravate the situation.

In the world there is no man who would be unknown to the baking soda, but not everyone knows about his ability to increase the sexual organ or to suppress bouts of heartburn.

It acts like a soda on the male member

Soda is not able to directly affect the male penis, and therefore its increase. She behaves a little in another way — it penetrates into the body of men and contributes liquefaction shelter. When coupled with the use of soda to perform a number of exercises on a member, then it will gradually increase in size. Penis enlargement is done in the process of special exercises to change the size of the member of the normal blood can flow to all departments of the body, including the penis, stimulates its growth.

For this to be in the process penis enlargement food and soda (on the stage of the implementation of the exercise) to create a blood clot it is recommended to use massage.

As a result of the information obtained can be highlighted that without the use of supplementary exercises and massage, baking soda does not affect the status of the penis.

Relatively reviews of doctors helps soda to increase your penis, then unanimously say no. And here is the effect of soda on the gastrointestinal tract the most direct and far is not favorable. So, before you wonder how to increase the penis and soda you think about it, what problems with the stomach and intestinal problems it will introduce.

The application of methods of soda

The most common options, how to use baking soda for penis enlargement are trays. These will have an effect on that the penis has become more elastic. The easiest recipe for the preparation of the trays — it dilute in one glass of warm water one teaspoon of baking soda.

Then the sexual organ is placed in a boiled bath for 15 minutes. It is recommended to use as trays for 40-60 minutes before sex. Many men, after using the spa, really convinced in the fact that baking soda helps to increase the penis, but unfortunately the effect is small, and an increase of more than 2 cm was observed. But representatives of the male gender is not angry, because the increase in flexibility of a member — that is also success.

Current methods for penis enlargement

Favorite recipe, how to increase a member of the soda in the home — scrub. For the creation of a scrub is recommended to initially wet member over the entire length, and then massage movements rub the sodium bicarbonate (soda), also along the entire length. According to the words of doctors such recipe changes the size of the penis contributes to the inflow of the sexual organ of blood.

But in such a method to enlarge your penis using the soda there are also a number of disadvantages. Some men told me that after using the scrub in the area of sexual body started burning, and then appeared irritation. So, when you collect the recipe, how to increase member soda well consider whether such consequences.

But if you add in the scrub the other components, then it is possible to use it without any consequences on the sexual organ. The most common other ingredient is honey. Penis enlargement with the help of soda and honey should be mixed in a ratio of 1:1, and then apply it on the penis and rub massage movements.

Penis enlargement food and soda

The size of the penis is for men, because even the volume of the breast for women, — a question which very often is in the first place. Today there are many products (gels, creams, ointments, Supplements) to change the size of male dignity. Offered are also different surgical methods. But many representatives of the stronger sex are increasingly turning to traditional medicine.

Recently, the still increasing popularity of method of penis enlargement and soda. There are many ways to use the product for changes in the size of the authority. The powder is used for receiving in the inside, for bathing, for wraps, and also during the massage. It is possible to enlarge the penis (penis) with the help of soda and what effect can be expected? It acts as a medicine?

It is possible to enlarge the penis food and soda?

Sodium bicarbonate known to all, primarily as a food product, which is widely used in cooking for the release of the test. They use it also in therapeutic purposes (as an antiseptic, as the best remedy during the candidiasis, and also for rapid reduction of the acidity of the stomach).

penis enlargement

Sodium was built a very long time ago. Other inhabitants of Ancient Egypt used the powder for mummification of dead bodies. On the other useful characteristics of the product at the time didn't yet know. On the scientific level were studied only in the 18th century.

In addition to the enlargement of the penis using baking soda it is possible to strengthen the male body. The drug acts in the following directions:

  • Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, cleanses the genitals.
  • Promotes the production of testosterone.
  • Removes from the body waste products and toxic substances.
  • Helps fight the symptoms of prostatitis.
  • Suppresses the inflammatory response.

But those men who have decided to penis enlargement food and soda, you need to remember that it is more pronounced and faster effect will not be. You must arm yourself with patience, the first results (change of the size of 2-4 cm) and will be visible only after a lapse of several months, and then six months. Experts point out that this is a good indicator, because it quickly increases the body can only through plastic surgery.