How to properly use the vacuum pomp for a member of the

Vacuum pump, designed to enlarge the penis is another excellent remedy as a preventive measure, aimed at enhancing potency.

Using a vacuum pump you can increase the potency, carrying out a systematic and relentless exercise. Help to improve blood circulation, which gives a guarantee of penis enlargement in the diameter, and also, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

Is the medicine to increase the male dignity has several advantages. It is necessary to find out what belongs to them, and how to properly use the vacuum pomp?

Undeniable advantages of the vacuum pump

the vacuum pump for a member of the

So, the effectiveness and efficiency of adaptation are manifested not only penis enlargement, but also the following:

  • Violation of sexual function. The systematic use of the product allows you to increase the volume of the penis the penis, but also to maintain the erection after intercourse.
  • Longer sexual intercourse. The bottom line is that thanks to the pump reduces the sensitivity of the male organ, that allows you to prolong the ejaculation.
  • Elimination of penis curvature. If a man has a twisted penis, the pump helps to keep the body in the straight state, thereby reducing its curvature.
  • And the most important advantage – a larger penis not only in length but also in circumference.

How to choose the right one?

It becomes two types of devices for penis enlargement, it's the air and water vacuum.

Can be of different sizes, have various additional functions, such as vibration.

When choosing, it is better to stay on that, which comes with a special ring. Appear taps with plus attachments, to better was pacing. When buying, pay attention to:

  1. From what material is made of foil, because of its features directly snuggle up to the skin cover to ensure tightness.
  2. The dimensions and the qualitative characteristics of the flask. The device must be resistant to mechanical damage. As well, the best is to take a transparent flask, in order to monitor the process and avoid traumatic situations.

Instructions for use

For a start it is worth mentioning that for the first time to use a vacuum pump must be no more than five minutes, this time period allows you to avoid side effects.

If you use the pump correctly, there is no possible risk of reducing the erection. And discover other symptoms, such as swelling in the area of use of the pump, the darker the skin, cover the penis.

How to properly use the vacuum pomp, which is equipped with air pump:

  • First from the device pumped all the air, which helps to squeeze the member at the expense of pressure drop, and this increases the blood flow to the penis. Before placing the member in the pump, it is applied with a lubricant.
  • The maximum period of use of the pumps at once varies from 15 to 20 minutes.
  • To prevent the flow of air in the device, then there is this way to restore the negative pressure, in some devices it is necessary to press on the air valve, which is located in the vicinity of with pears. In other models this is done through the opening holes located in the flask, which during the session closes with your finger.
  • After having reached the maximum erection, at the base of the penis wear special ring. It provides compression member, and it doesn't occur to the outflow of blood from the body, it means that a member of the "holds" in a state of erection.

As you enjoy the fanfare for penis enlargement, which is equipped with a water pump:

Before you start the procedure, it is necessary to take a hot bath after the belt. It will help you to relax in the area of the scrotum, and will contribute to the stimulation of blood circulation.

After a 6-8 minute rest, take the pump and enter into her penis.

Look closely at the frame suspension ring, which is rounded. Must hermetically comfortably over a portion of the scrotum, therefore, reduces the pressure on this area.

Put the pump circuit member is to be evenly, while keeping the scrotum before you start headband the air. These steps are important to ensure that the procedure went well and without injury.

Make a small swinging movement to create a vacuum. Then, using a special valve, descends wasted water. The valve is located on top of the vacuum pump. It often happens that the pump will need to pump about 6 times to get all the water went out.

As soon as all the water comes out, you can relax and relax for 5 minutes. If there is a feeling that the vacuum will become weak, the pump to the desired level.

For penis enlargement you can take advantage of such a scheme:

  • 7 days – one procedure not more than 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – one procedure is 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions to 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 session for 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 20 minutes, immediately after waking up, and 10 minutes at night.

You cannot abuse power in the period of use of the pump can lead to micro-bleeding in the cavernous bodies, and this will form hematomas and other traumatic injuries.

How to properly care for the device?

For the preservation of the working condition of the pump for a long time, it is necessary to follow this recommendation:

In addition, how will fare the pump on the thing, is the need to wash it slightly warm soap solution. Handle adjacent the nozzle and seal antiseptic agents.

As the damping is prohibited to use a lubricant in the composition of which is vaseline or oil for industrial, not moisturize vegetable oils and other creams.

After use, also to empty filled with water, wipe dry.

In conclusion, it should be noted that all the advantages of the vacuum pump are confirmed by the many enthusiastic reviews of men, the device actually works. And in combination with specialized gels for penis enlargement, you can get even better result. The Video in this article describes how to use the glory.

How to properly use the vacuum pomp for penis enlargement?

penis enlargement

To date, the most common and effective way to increase a member is a vacuum vacuum. The great popularity of this method comes from the fact that it allows not only to increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also helps to improve blood circulation and potency. Yet unlike other ways to increase the member (using the tablet or ointment), the action of the air is thinner, is much safer.

In addition to increasing the sexual organ, this device has a number of advantages:

  • Supports the removal of disorders of sexual function.
  • The pump can also apply to women (e.g. breast augmentation or the removal of the problems with reaching the clitoral orgasm).
  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Vacuum pump allows to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and thus reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.
  • Helps to eliminate curvature of the penis.
  • Bigger penis not only in length but also in diameter.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement has a fairly simple principle – using a vacuum around the penis is created by low pressure, contributes to blood inflow to the authorities and the filling of the cavernous contacts That leads to swelling and hardening of the penis (the process of engorgement), which is similar to a natural erection. Also the pump is very well suited as a masseur.

It is not recommended to use vacuum pump for more than five minutes in the first treatments. This can lead to serious complications:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • swelling;
  • the formation of cracks on the penis, which are subsequently hard and long time to heal;
  • the breakage of capillaries.

Duration of one session using a vacuum pump is approximately 15-20 minutes. To achieve the long-term outcome, the first fortnight of the session is recommended once a day. After this deadline, the procedures are carried out through the day. The best time for the session – for 1 — 2 hours before bedtime. A remarkable result can be observed after a few months, after which the regularity of the use of the pump can be reduced to 1 times in 3 days.

The device is relatively fragile, therefore, it is desirable to punch him or drop. Save the pump for penis enlargement it is necessary at room temperature, in a dry and away from sun rays.

How often you need to use and how to properly use the pomp for penis enlargement?

An excellent preventive measure in the struggle with the decline in the potency of the pump to enlarge the penis.

An increase in the rate of potency through the pump occurs because of the regular exercise.

It potentiates the amplification of blood supply to organs in the act of committing sexual intercourse, which ensures to increase the thickness of the penis and improve the tone of blood vessels.

Instructions for use of pumps for penis enlargement

Many readers do not believe in the efficiency of the pump. That's why we have released this material, to tell about it, whether it increases the pump member.

With air pump

Pump with air pump is used for a period of 20 minutes. With prolonged use of rainwater trauma of the sexual organ.

  • Before starting the manipulation of the-ring is to be fitted on the base portion of the bulb, in achieving erection ring have to move to the root of the penis, (the ring is needed to pinch the sex organ, it acts against blood outflow, so the penis longer when erect state).
  • It is necessary to drain all the air out of the pump with the aim of creating a zone of low pressure around the penis (thanks to this action ensures blood flow to the penis).
  • Need to squeeze the valve, which is located right next to the pear in the vast majority of models for the zone of the air in the pump and reduce the vacuum.

With the water pump

Read more about the hydro-pump we said earlier. Now we offer to get acquainted with the instructions for use:

Before starting the procedure it is necessary to fill the tub with warm water so that the water level has reached to the waist by men;

  • Furthermore, it is necessary to dip into the water for 5 minutes, to the scrotum in a relaxed state, the use of the pump, without the prior release is not recommended);
  • After five minutes of relaxation, perhaps using a pump, you need to completely omit her under the water;
  • Then dive into the bulb pump sexual organ;
  • It is necessary to watch, that circular zone to the edges of the elastic rings was closed towards the scrotum (compliance with this condition will reduce the pressure on the area of the scrotum).

How often you need to use?

With the aim of achieving a strong result is the need to properly and regularly perform the exercises. It is proposed the following scheme of exercises:

  • during the first week is done one workout for ten minutes;
  • during the second week is conducted one training session in fifteen minutes;
  • during the third week are carried out two training sessions after ten minutes;
  • after the fourth week running two trainings in the course of fifteen minutes;
  • during the fifth week is done one workout in the morning 20 minutes and one of ten training in the evening;
  • in the sixth week carried out two trainings for twenty minutes;
  • during the seventh week is carried out three exercises in the course of thirty minutes.

In what cases is not recommended?

how to enlarge penis

The vacuum pump is not recommended at high risk of bleeding, as in hemophilia.

The use of pharmacological medications with the effect of blood thinning (of thrombolytics, such as warfarin, acetylsalicylic acid) is also a contraindication to the use of the pump.

Men who suffer from a congenital disorder of hemodynamics, it is not recommended to use this device.

In the presence of this pathology as priapism pumps, amplified pain syndrome.

In such situations it is better to try penis enlargement folk methods. With their help, you will learn how to make your penis bigger:

And how to consolidate the results — use the herbs for penis enlargement.


Vacuum pump for increase in size of the male penis with regular exercise gives good results. This effect is ensured due to the amplification of blood flow into the organ. However, this device is not a panacea for all men, there are a number of contraindications to its use.

To address the question about the use of the pump it is necessary to consult with an expert.